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Publications: Paul Starkey

NB, Many of Paul’s publications are listed as Good reads but those on animal traction are by another Paul Starkey! 

1. Monographs and Edited Volumes 

Sonallah Ibrahim: Rebel with a Pen, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2016. Paperback edition September 2017,

Modern Arabic Literature (Islamic Surveys), Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2006. Modern Arabic Literature also published in Arabic

Identities Remembered, Discovered, Invented: hero and character in modern Arabic literature, special issue of Middle Eastern Literatures, 9 (2), edited by Boutros Hallaq, Paul Starkey and Stefan Wild, Routledge, July 2006. Routledge.

Intertextuality in Modern Arabic Literature since 1967, edited by Luc Deheuvels, Barbara Michalak-Pikulska and Paul Starkey, Durham: Durham Modern Languages Series, 2006, repr. Manchester University Press, 2010.

Egypt through the Eyes of Travellers, edited by Nadia El Kholy and Paul Starkey, Durham: ASTENE, 2002.  

Unfolding the Orient: Travellers in Egypt and the Near East, I, edited by Paul and Janet Starkey, Reading: Ithaca Press, 2001with authored introduction. (Additional information)

Interpreting the Orient: Travellers in Egypt and the Near East, II, edited by Paul and Janet Starkey, Reading: Ithaca Press, 2001, with authored introduction. .(Additional information)

Travellers in Egypt, ed. P.G. and J.C.M. Starkey, London: I.B. Tauris, 1998, reprinted (paperback edition, with new preface), 2001, Also published by Macmillan in the States.etc.), pp. 318. Sponsored by the Durham University Publications Board. (Additional Information)

Encyclopedia of Arabic Literature, ed. by Julie Meisami and Paul Starkey, London: Routledge, 1998.  2 vols, 857pp. new paperback edition [Also responsible for entries on ‘Egypt, 1798–1960’, ‘al-Ghītānī, Jamāl’, ‘al-Hakīm, Tawfīq’, ‘al-Qa’īd, Yūsuf’, and 36 other entries on modern Arabic literature.]

Between 1990 and 1996 Paul edited first the BRISMES Bulletin and later the British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies. Commentary on https://www.jstor.org/stable/195731

From the Ivory Tower: a critical study of Tawfīq al-Hakīm (St Antony’s Middle Eastern Monographs, 19). London: Ithaca Press/Garnet Publishing, 1987.

2. Articles and shorter works

‘Joun Encounter: Alexander William Kinglake meets Lady Hester Stanhope’, in Neil Cooke and Vanessa Daubney (eds), Lost and Now Found: Explorers, Diplomats and Artists in Egypt and the Near East, Oxford: Archaeopress, 2017, 273-282.

‘Romances of History: Jurji Zaydan and the rise of the historical novel’, in The Long 1890s in Egypt: Colonial Quiescence, Subterranean Resistance, edited by Marilyn Booth and Anthony Gorman, Edinburgh: EUP, 2015.

‘Strange Incidents from History: Youssef Rakha and his Sultan’s Seal’, in Essays in Honour of Mustafa Badawi, edited by Roger Allen and Robin Ostle, Edinburgh: EUP, 2015.

‘Mustafa Lutfi al-Manfaluti’, ‘Tawfiq Yusuf ‘Awwad’ and ‘Nasif al-Yaziji’, in Essays in Arabic Literary Biography 1850-1950, edited by Roger Allen, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2010.

‘Voyages of Self-Definition: the case of [Ahmad] Fāris al-Shidyāq’, in Sensibilities of the Islamic Mediterranean, edited by Robin Ostle, London: I.B. Tauris, 2008.

‘Abu Muslim’, ‘Abu Zayd al-Balkhi’, ‘al-Bakri’, ‘al-Baladhuri’, and 47 other entries in Encyclopedia of Islamic Civilization and Religion, edited by I.R. Netton, London: Routledge, 2007.

“Western Thought, Middle East”, in The Encyclopedia of Western Colonialism since 1450, edited by Thomas Benjamin, Farmington Hills: Macmillan, 2007

‘Intertextuality and the Arabic Literary Tradition in Edwār al-Kharrāt’s Hijārat Bobello’, in Intertextuality in Modern Arabic Literature since 1967, edited by Luc Deheuvels, Barbara Michalak-Pikulska and Paul Starkey, Durham: Durham Modern Languages Series, 2006, pp: 149-159.

‘“Heroes” and characters in the novels of Sun‘allāh Ibrāhīm’, Middle Eastern Literatures, 9(2) (2006), 147-157.

‘Crisis and Memory in Rashid al-Daif’s Dear Mr Kawabata: an essay in narrative disorder’, in Crisis and Memory: the representation of space in modern Levantine narrative, edited by Ken Seigneurie, Wiesbaden: Reichert, 2003, pp.115–130. .

‘On translating Edwar al-Kharrat’s Hijarat Bobello’, article in special issue of Translation Review 65, edited by Roger Allen, 2003, pp. 54-59 Published online: 21 Aug 2012  http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/07374836.2003.10523837

Islamic Egypt in the Modern Egyptian Novel’, in The Historiography of Islamic Egypt (c.950–1800), edited by Hugh Kennedy, Leiden: Brill, 2001, pp. 251–262..

‘Modern Arabic Literature (other)’, in Oxford Guide to Literature in English Translation, edited by Peter France, Oxford: O.U.P., 2000, pp. 152–157.

‘The Egyptian Encounter with Europe in the Nineteenth Century’, in Europe, its Borders and the Others, Napoli, ESI, 2000, pp. 107–120.

‘Faris Al-Shidyaq and Britain’, in The Arabs and Britain: changes and exchanges: Proceedings of a conference held in Cairo 23–25 March 1998, Cairo: British Council, 1999, pp. 393–401.

‘Narrative structure in al-Tayyib Sālih’s Mawsim al-Hijra ilā al-Shimāl’, Edebiyât 10(1) (1999), pp. 33–42.

‘Jamāl al-Ghītānī’, ‘Idwār al-Kharrāt’, ‘Ghassān Kanafānī’, ‘Tāhā Husayn’, ‘Yahyā Haqqī’, ‘Tawfīq al-Hakīm’, ‘Mahmūd Darwīsh’, ‘Adūnīs’ and ‘Emile Habībī’ in Encyclopaedia of Literary Translation, edited by Olive Classe, London: Fitzroy Dearborn, 1999.

‘Some aspects of the French colonial legacy in the Tunisian novel of the 1960s and 1970s’, Oriente Moderno, XVI, 2/3 (1997) (published 1999), pp. 151–161.

‘Fact and fiction in al-Sāq ‘alā al-Sāq’, in Writing the Self: Autobiographical Writing in Modern Arabic Literature, edited by Ed de Moor, Robin Ostle and Stefan Wild, London:  Saqi Books, 1998, pp. 30–38.

‘Some Egyptian travellers to Europe’, in Travellers to Egypt, edited by P.G. & J.C.M. Starkey, London, I.B. Tauris, 1998, pp. 280–286.

‘Modern Egyptian culture in the Arab world’, in The Cambridge History of EgyptModern Egypt from 1517 to the End of the Twentieth Century, vol. 2, ed. by Martin Daly & Carl F. Petry, Cambridge & New York: Cambridge University Press, 1998, pp. 394–426.

‘From Bulletin to Journal and Beyond’, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 25 (2) (1998), pp. 215–216.

‘Tawfīq al-Hakīm’, in African Writers, New York: Scribner’s, 1997, pp. 291–302.

‘The four ages of Husayn Tawfīq: love and sexuality in the novels of Tawfīq al-Hakīm’, in Love and Sexuality in Modern Arabic Literature, ed. by R. Allen, H. Kilpatrick & E. de Moor, London: Saqi Books, 1995.

‘Quest for freedom: the case of the Tunisian Izz al-Dīn al-Madanī’, Journal of Arabic Literature, 26 (1995), pp. 67–79.

‘Tawfīq al-Hakīm’ in Dictionary of the Theatre, 2: Playwrights, London: St James Press, 1994, pp. 948–50.

‘From the City of the Dead to Liberation Square: The Novels of Yūsuf al-Qa‘īd’, Journal of Arabic Literature, 24 (1993), pp. 62–74.

‘Tawfīq al-Hakīm: leading playwright of the Arab world’, Theater Three, 6 (Spring 1989), pp. 21–30.

‘Library Provision for Central Asian Studies in the University of Durham’, in Central Asia: Tradition & Change: Library and Museum Surveys, London: SOAS, 1987, pp. 11–13.

‘Philosophical themes in Tawfīq al-Hakīm’s drama’, Journal of Arabic Literature, 8 (1977), pp. 136–152.

3.  Selected Reviews

That Smell, by Sonallah Ibrahim, tr. Robyn Creswell, Banipal, 2013.

In a Sea of Knowledge: British Arabists in the Twentieth Century, by Leslie McLoughlin, International Journal of Middle East Studies, 2005 / 1.

Modern Arabic Fiction: An Anthology, edited by Salma Khadra Jayyusi. Arab Women Writers: An Anthology of Short Stories, edited, translated and with an introduction by Dalya Cohen-Mor. Modern Arabic Literature in Translation: A Companion, by Salih J. Altoma. Times Literary Supplement, October 2005.

The Arabic Language and National Identity, by Yasir Suleiman, BRISMES Newsletter, June 2003, p.16.

Bygone Heat: Travels in the Middle East, by Richard Long. BRISMES Newsletter, July 2001, p.28.

The Village Novel in Modern Egyptian Literature, by Ami Elad. Arabic and Middle Eastern Literatures, 2000.

The Book in the Islamic World … , ed. by George T. Atiyeh.  British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 1998, pp. 329–330.

Return of the Spirit, by Tawfīq al-Hakīm, tr. by W.M. Hutchins.  Good Morning, and Other Stories!, by Yahyā Haqqī, tr. by Miriam Cooke.  Journal of Arabic Literature, 26 (1995), pp. 271–73.

Cambridge History of Arabic Literature: Modern Arabic Literature, ed. by M.M. Badawi.  British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 21(1) (1994), pp. 138–140.

Naguib Mahfouz’s Egypt, by Haim Gordon.  Edebiyât (1994), pp. 341–343.

An Overview of Modern Arabic Literature, by Pierre Cachia. British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 19 (1992), pp. 220–221.

al-Adab al-Tūnisī al-Muā‘sir, by Jean Fontaine.  British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 18 (1991), pp. 149–150.

Middle East Studies and Libraries, ed. by B.C. Bloomfield. Bibliotheca orientalis, 47 (1990), pp. 811–812.

First Year Arabic Course, by D.A. Agius.  BRISMES Bulletin, 17 (1990), pp. 209–210.

Mawsū‘at al-Adab al-Dāhik, by  ‘Alī Muruwwa.  BRISMES Bulletin, 17 (1990), pp. 220–221.

Mu‘jam al-aghlāt al-lughawiyya al-mu‘āsira, by Muhammad al-‘Adnānī.  BRISMES Bulletin, 16 (1989), pp. 102–03.

Arabic Language Teaching in the United Kingdom, compiled by D.A. Agius.  BRISMES Bulletin, 16 (1989), p.225.

Fihris ta’rīkhī lil-mu’allafāt al-Tūnisiyya, by Jean Fontaine. BRISMES Bulletin, 15 (1988), pp. 148–49.

Modern Arabic Literature, ed. by Roger Allen.  BRISMES Bulletin, 15 (1988), pp. 154–155.

The Middle East in Conflict: a Historical BibliographyBRISMES Bulletin, 13 (1987), pp. 228–30.

Mille et un livres sur le monde arabe.  BRISMES Bulletin, 12 (1985), p.237.

4. Translations of novels 

The Shell by Mustafa Khalifa. Translated by Paul Starkey. Interlink, $15 trade paper (192p) ISBN 978-1-56656-022-1. Published 2016. Kirkus Review World Literature Today PW

The Book of the Sultan’s SealStrange Incidents from History in the City of Mars, by Youssef Rakha, Northampton MA: Ingterlink/Clockroot Books, 2014. [Winner of BANIPAL/Saif Ghobash Arabic-English Literary Translation Prize 2015]

We are equally far from love, by Adania Shibli, Northampton MA: Clockroot Books, 2012.

Saladin and the Assassins, by Jurji Zaidan, Bethesda, MA, Zaidan Foundation, 2012.

East Winds, West Winds, by Isa Mahdi Saqr, Cairo: AUC Press, 2008.

Maryam’s Maze, by Mansoura Ez Eldin, Cairo: AUC Press, 2007.

Stones of Bobello, by Edwar al-Kharrat, London: Saqi Books, 2005; Cairo, AUC Press, 2006. ISBN 10: 0863565166 ISBN 13: 9780863565168

Shumaisi, by Turki Al-Hamad, London: Saqi Books, 2004. [Long-listed for Independent Foreign Fiction award.]

Dear Mr Kawabata, by Rachid al-Daif, London: Quartet Books, 1999/2000.

ISBN-13: 9780704381131. Reviewed in https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/rashid-al-daif/dear-mr-kawabata/

5.   Selected translations of shorter works 

Extract from chapter 1 of Learning English, by Rashid al-Daif, Banipal, 2000.

Extract from chapter 1 of Promosport by Hassan Ben Othman, Banipal, 2001.

‘Mystery Woman’, by Gamal el-Ghitani, Banipal, Spring 2002.

‘Fear’, by Ghalib Halasa, Banipal, Spring 2002.

‘A Cat with Clipped Whiskers called Rayyis’, by Rasmi Abu Ali, Banipal 2002–2003.

Extract from A River Bathing in the Lake, by Yahya Yakhlif, Banipal 2002–2003.

Extract from Bayya’s Lovers, by Habib SelmiBanipal, Autumn 2003.

Two chapters from An Iraqi in Paris, by Samuel Shimon, London: BANIPAL Books, 2005.

‘Men have All the Luck’, by Mohamed Choukri, in Sardines and Oranges: North African Fiction, London: BANIPAL Books, 2005.

Extract from Maryam’s Maze, by Mansoura Ez Eldin, Banipal, Spring 2006.

‘Headache’, ‘Conspiracy of Shadows’ and ‘Flickering Light’, by Mansoura Ez Eldin, London, BANIPAL Books / British Council, 2006.


6. D. Conference Papers Presented


'Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela: a 12th-Century Traveller to the Middle East', paper presented at the ASTENE Biennial Conference, Norwich, July 2017.

'The Shidyaqs: A Dysfunctional Maronite Family in Ninteenth Century Lebanon', paper presented at the BRISMES Conference, Movement and Migration in the Middle East: People and Ideas in Flux, Edinburgh, July 2017.

‘Cedars of Lebanon in art and literature’, , paper presented at the ASTENE TIOL Seminar, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Travellers in Ottoman Lands: the botanical legacy, 13 May 2017.

‘Resurrecting the Caliphate: Youssef Rakha and the collapse of the Ottoman State’, EURAMAL Conference, Oslo, May/June 2016.

 ‘Relocating the Caliphate: Between Youssef Rakha and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’, BRISMES/AUD Conference, Dubai, April 2015.

‘Joun Encounter: Alexander William Kinglake and Lady Hester Stanhope’. ASTENE Conference, Exeter, July 2015.

‘The Changing Face of the Maqāma: Shifting Forms in the Arabic Nahḍa’, BRISMES/AUS Conference, Sharjah, April 2014. 

‘Strange Incidents from History: Youssef Rakha and his Sultan’s Seal’, Conference in Honour of Mustafa Badawi, Oxford, March 2013.

‘The Eloquent Egyptian’s Complaints Revisited’, CASAW/University of Cairo conference on Narrating the Arab Spring, Cairo, February 2012.

‘The Troublesome Mountain: Lebanon Through Western Eyes’, ASTENE Conference, Durham, July 2009.

‘Western Perspectives on Arabic Literature’, CASAW Conference, Cairo, July 2007.

‘God’s Fugitive: the Life of C M Doughty reconsidered’, ASTENE Conference, Southampton, July 2007.

‘Piri Reis: Cartographer Supreme or Cowardly Deserter?’, ASTENE Conference, Nuweiba, March 2006.

‘Tawfīq Yūsuf ‘Awwād and the Lebanese Conflict’, BRISMES Conference, Birmingham, July 2006.

‘From the White Sea to the Red Sea: Piri Reis and the Ottoman Conquest of Egypt’, Red Sea Project Phase 3, ‘Cultural Connections of the Red Sea’, London, British Museum, 27–28 October 2006, with the Society for Arabian Studies.

‘Linguistic Exile? Antūn Shammās and the Hebrew-Arab Novel’, EMTAR Conference, Berne, March 2005.

‘Courts and Courtiers in the Thousand and One Nights’, Conference on Courts and Courtiers, East and West: 600–1600 C.E., Durham, July 2004.

‘Authority and Public Order in Islam: The Case of Gamāl al-Ghītānī’s al-Zaynī Barakāt”, UEAI Conference, Kraków, September 2004.

‘Intertextuality and the Arabic literary tradition in Edwār al-Kharrāt’s Hijārat Bobello’, EMTAR Conference, Kraków, May 2003.

‘Cultural Differentiation in the Works of [Ahmad] Fāris al-Shidyāq’, International  Conference on Aesthetic Encounters, Kuwait, March 2001.

‘Heroes without Character / Characters without Heroes: the case of Sun‘ Allāh Ibrāhīm’, EMTAR Conference, Bonn, June 2001.

‘A Levantine Traveller to Egypt: [Ahmad] Fāris al-Shidyāq’, ASTENE Conference, Edinburgh, July 2001.

‘On Translating Edwār al-Kharrāt’s Hijarat Bobello’, BRISMES Conference, Edinburgh, July 2001.

‘Voyages of Self-Definition: the case of [Ahmad] Fāris al-Shidyāq’, Conference on Individual and Society in the Islamic Mediterranean World, London, June 1999.

‘The Generation of the Sixties: a single tradition?’, EURAMES Conference, Ghent, September 1999.

‘Some nineteenth-century Egyptian travellers to Europe’, Conference on Europe and its Boundaries, Assisi, January 1998.

‘Fāris al-Shidyāq and Britain’, Conference on The Arabs and Britain, Cairo, March 1998.

‘Narrative structure in al-Tayyib Sālih’s Mawsim al-Hijra ilā al-Shimāl’, Workshop on al-Tayyib Sālih, Oxford, April 1998.

‘Faris al-Shidyaq: the transition from a classical to a modern literary sensibility’, 16th Conference of the Union européenne des arabisants et islamisants, Halle, September 1998.

‘Islamic Egypt in the Modern Egyptian Novel’, Conference on the Historiography of Islamic Egypt, St Andrews, August 1997.

‘Fact and fiction in al-Sāq ‘alā al-Sāq’, 2nd EMTAR Conference, Oxford, April 1995.

‘Some Egyptian travellers to Europe’, Conference on Travellers to Egypt, Durham, July 1995.

‘Commitment in modern Egyptian literature’, BRISMES Conference, Manchester, July 1994.

 ‘Quest for freedom: the case of the Tunisian Izz al-Dīn al-Madanī’, Conference on ‘The Quest for Freedom in Modern Arabic Literature, in honour of Mustafa Badawi’, Oxford, March 1993.

‘A modern book of revelation: Jamāl al-Ghītānī’s Kitāb al-Tajalliyāt’, BRISMES Conference, Warwick, July 1993.

‘The four ages of Husayn Tawfīq: love and sexuality in the novels of Tawfīq al-Hakīm’, EMTAR [European Meeting of Teachers of Arabic Literature] Conference on Modern Arabic Literature, Nijmegen, April 1992.

‘Library Provision for Central Asian Studies in the University of Durham’, Conference on Central Asia: Tradition and Change, London, SOAS, 1987.

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